Welcome to Daisy Banana’s blog about beautiful books.

If you are reading this, I have to assume that you are afflicted by that terrible disease poverty-bringer noble pursuit, bibliophilia. This means that not only do you love reading (i.e. you are a bookworm), but also that you appreciate the exceptional qualities of each book’s particular format. We’re talking specially crafted covers, stunning illustrations, clever paper engineering, illustrated endpapers, gorgeous slip covers, ribbon bookmarks — all those things that bring them closer to your heart.

You guys are going to be in serious book heaven here.

However, you book collectors are probably going to be horrified – despite spending most of my disposable income on beautiful books instead of stocks and investment property for my children’s future (sigh), I am incapable of leaving them in their pristine unread (read: ‘valuable’) state – all my beautiful books are handled, loved, pored over, shared with children, read in bed, enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire…

On the plus side, though, you get to enjoy them vicariously through me!

Books are the windows through which the soul looks out. A home without books is like a room without windows. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Welcome. Look at my pictures. Read about the books. Drool over or acquire them for yourselves. Above all, enjoy yourself!

Hugs, Daisy B.

p.s. Book review policy and contact information is here…


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